RAISE (Resilience and Abilities for Independence through Support and Empowerment) is a holistic, home-based training programme that empowers Adults with Disabilities (AwDs) to live independently in the community.

A pilot initiative by TOUCH Community Services and supported by SG Enable, this 20-session training programme aims to equip AwDs with essential life skills for daily living, community living or personal and social well-being. These skills are meant to reduce the risk of regression and increase community integration of AwDs.

RAISE - Coach teaching daily living skills


RAISE provides structured support that holistically engages AwDs aged 18 - 64 and their caregivers in learning and applying essential life skills within their home and community environment.

A key component of the programme is to coach and equip caregivers with skills to support their ward's learning at home.

By the end of the programme, AwDs will attain essential life skills such as skills for daily living (e.g. brushing teeth, making a purchase etc), or community life skills (e.g. communication etc) that will work towards helping them become included and integrated in the community to achieve a higher quality of life.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Adults with congenital disabilities
  • Aged 18 to 64 years old
  • Has the ability to participate in learning
  • Has an identified safe person (e.g. a caregiver to work together throughout the programme)
  • Has training gap(s) in the areas of activities of daily living, community living skills and personal social skills

RAISE - Coach encouraging AwD

What to Expect
Conducted by a team of social workers and experienced life skills coaches, the team will adopt a collaborative and integrated approach to address the needs of AwDs and achieve intended outcomes.

Benefits to AwDs: 
  • Customised competency-based programme with hands-on learning in real-life setting
  • Personalised coaching twice a week by experienced lifeskills coach
  • Learning outcomes/goals co-developed with caregiver and client
  • Builds confidence, and promotes health and social well-being.

Benefits for Caregivers:

  • Coaching alongside AwDs to reinforce and maintain skills taught
  • Supports caregiver in caring for child/ward

*Fees are waived till 31 December 2024

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