day rehab centre

It is common for individuals to face difficulties standing or walking when taking public transport, and stretching their arms to do housework or shower following a stroke or due to medical conditions. Therapy can help improve mobility and encourage activities and lifestyle changes that can improve overall health and well-being. 

At TOUCH, we provide a continuum of care to seniors to help them regain, maintain and optimise their ability and independence to do daily tasks like dressing, eating and showering. Our Day Rehabilitation Centre (DRC), conveniently located at TOUCHpoint@AMK 433, is supported by our team of occupational therapists and physiotherapists.

Our therapists will discuss with the elderly and their caregivers to customise an intervention programme according to their goals and priorities. This could mean helping an elderly transit from a walking frame to a walking stick; training them in using assistive devices to participate in activities of daily living; guiding them to walk steadily over longer distances; cross an overhead bridge without feeling breathless; and manage roadside kerbs safely.

Having stronger core muscle strength and better balance can also help reduce falls risks, leading to a better quality of life with fewer hospital admissions. Individuals can continue to do the things they enjoy, such as meeting friends at the coffeeshop or taking public transport on their own to visit favourite places for shopping or meals.  

What’s more. At TOUCHpoint@AMK 433, the elderly can continue to enjoy keeping fit in the company of fellow seniors. We also run the Gym Tonic and Strength Training Programme, and conduct specialty classes focusing on power, speed of movement and balance. We have also set up the Community Musculoskeletal Clinic to help individuals address and manage pain.

Our Physiotherapist will:

  • Assess your strength, range of movement, body posture, balance and flexibility
  • Customise training exercises to improve strength, gait, balance, coordination and minimise falls risks
  • Prescribe walking aids e.g. walking frame, quad stick and rollator to facilitate independent living
  • Train caregivers to support seniors in performing exercises


Our Occupational Therapist will:

  • Identify challenges faced in day-to-day activities due to pain, joint stiffness, fatigue or stress and medical conditions
  • Assess obstacles in home and community physical environment that pose as barriers to doing valued activities
  • Prescribe and provide training to clients/caregivers on adaptive equipment and mobility devices like commode, mobility scooter and wheelchair
  • Customise intervention to overcome physical barriers in the home environment, increase safety and independence in performing activities of daily living, improve cognition


Upon recommendation by our therapists, Tele-rehabilitation may be offered together with face-to-face limited in-person slots and Zoom sessions. Means-tested government subsidies are also available. Do share this good news with your loved ones or other caregivers.

You may call Care Line at 6804 6555 to discuss with a care coordinator on how to get a referral and to explore suitable programmes for your loved ones. For DRC-related enquiries, please email [email protected] to find out more.

Address: TOUCHpoint@AMK 433 (Blk 433, Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-1415, Singapore 560433)