SOAR! 2022 Design Incubator Programme

By Hui Hui Tham

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Hui Hui Tham
Activity Details
  • Online over Zoom
  • 23 May 2022 - 30 Jul 2022

About SOAR! 


SOAR! is a 10-week design incubator programme that aims to: 

1. Create an environment for outcome-focused, ground-up solutioning to meet complex community needs.  
2. Encourage innovative, client-centric, evidence-informed approach to meet evolving community needs.  


Form a team of 3 to 6 individuals, undergo programme design courses to develop your skills and design an evidence-based programme. Pitch your programme design and stand a chance to be awarded an Innovation Fund to pilot your programme! 


Why participate? 

Through SOAR!, you will gain: 

1. Safe space to pilot ideas 
2. Opportunities to learn and network with peers 
3. Application of skills in real-life scenarios 
4. Resources such as funding and mentoring support to design and pilot projects 



The programme consists of three main phases: 


Incubate (Week 1 to 4)Lay the right foundation! Teams will attend an online situational analysis masterclass and come up with your own situational analysis and idea. Pitch your idea and selected teams will move on to the next phase! 


Hatch (Week 5 to 10)Time to develop your idea! Through a 2-day bootcamp, teams will learn essential programme design skills to develop an evidence-based solution that meets community needs. Teams will craft a proposal and pitch your solution to a team of evaluation panellists. Selected solutions will be awarded funds to pilot their programme in the community and stand a chance to receive cash prizes!


Fledge (1 year): Engage the community and pilot your programme! Our mentors will be walking alongside you as you implement and evaluate your programme. 



1. Attend all three workshops 

  • Online situational analysis masterclass
  • Programme design bootcamp (if selected for Hatch stage)
2. Presentation pitch 
  • Situational analysis and preliminary idea pitch 
  • Programme design pitch (if selected for Hatch stage) 
3. Optional: Mentorship and consultation
  • 2x 1-hour mentorship and consultation session with TOUCH Impact and Research team
4. Programme Implementation and Milestones
  • Commit to the programme implementation and milestones as articulated in your programme design proposal


Learn more about SOAR! by downloading our programme kit here!


Registration is FREE and will begin from 23 February to 11 May 2022. Form your team and register now! 

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