Everyone Can Be Someone

At TOUCH Community Services, we believe in a society where people can be empowered and valued. Where everyone can give from the heart, and be someone greater. Because at TOUCH, it's not about any one of us. But what all of us can become together.
At TOUCH, we believe everyone in our community can progress. Where the lives of the less fortunate can be improved with time. Where those with the ability to help can grow through giving.
So whether it’s children chasing their dreams, families growing to be resilient, people with special needs receiving opportunities, the elderly living out their best years, or someone looking to lend a helping hand, everyone can be empowered and valued.
Together, we can make everyone someone.

TOUCH Champions

In a community that progresses together, everyone can be someone.
Our Champions from all walks of life share this belief that we can create a community where each person is empowered and valued.
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